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Ujima mission fact sheet

Ujima Mission Fact Sheet | Download Fact Sheet

“Our mission is to mobilize the community to respond to and end violence against women in the Black community. We actualize this mission through research, public awareness and community engagement, technical assistance, and resource development.”

Black Women and Sexual Assault | Download Fact Sheet

“Many cultural considerations can hinder healing for Black women survivors: the burdensome expectation of strong Black womanhood; the power of the Black church; the desire to shield Black men; and the lack of self-care examples are all real dynamics Black women survivors endure.”

Jazelle Hunt, “Field lessons from reporting on Black women survivors of sexual violence”

Intimate Partner Violence | Download Sheet

“Nationally, about 9% of Black women were raped by an intimate partner during their lifetime compared to 11% multiracial women, 10% White women, and 6% Hispanic women.”

Breiding, 2014”

T.A Approach | Download Sheet

“Along with promoting culturally competent services through a holistic and survivor-centered lens, Ujima’s TA approach is also trauma-informed. Historical, societal, and personal trauma is inextricably linked with violence in the Black community.”


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

As we learn about COVID-19 resources and services available, we will be sharing them here.