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    What We Do

    Education and Outreach

    Ujima is on the forefront of new training and outreach tools to reduce violence against and homicides of Black women. Ujima is a clearinghouse for research literature, webinars, national issue forums, regional trainings, community-specific roundtables, blogs, articles, and on-site technical assistance.

    Ujima also works with other organizations to develop public service announcements, issue briefs, videos, monographs, and fact sheets.

    The success of Ujima lies in its outreach to the community. Historically, the lack of outreach to the Black community by domestic violence service providers lends itself to the perception that these organizations aren’t able to meet the needs of this community, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Statistics show that the demographic that receives the greatest percentage of services from domestic violence organizations is Black females, proving the importance of strategic outreach through culturally specific programs.

    Training and Technical Assistance

    Ujima works to increase the capacity of Family Violence Prevention and Services Act grantees, domestic violence coalitions and networks, domestic violence programs, local, state, and federal government agencies, community based programs, practitioners, researchers; and policymakers regarding family, domestic, and dating violence in the Black community. Ujima provides ongoing technical assistance to these groups both on-site and virtually, via telephone and e-mail.

    There is currently a shortage of targeted, culturally-specific services for Black survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Ujima identifies and provides trainings on subject areas that are in high demand as a means to increase services for and to this diverse group of people. Remaining true to the principals of Ujima, trainings are designed by and for the communities they serve.

    Ujima also culturally-specific regional trainings across the country to develop a learning community and offer opportunities to build peer-mentoring relationships in local communities.

    Training topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Engaging Men and Boys
    • Addressing DV/SA at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
    • Addressing DV/SA in the Immigrant Community
    • Bystander Intervention
    • Trafficking
    • Serving the LGBT Community

    Resource Development

    Ujima serves as a resource center for survivors of violence and their families and friends. Through Ujima, survivors are able to tap into a network of culturally-specific programs and services that meet the unique and varying needs of the Black community. Ujima acts as a bridge to reduce barriers to services best able to meet the needs of the Black community.

    Ujima is currently developing a resource guide of culturally-specific organizations serving Black women survivors of violence. This guide will be readily accessible to survivors of violence and their families, in addition to local organizations offering culturally-specific services.


    Ujima works with key stakeholders across the county to conduct meaningful and impactful research that addresses race, class, quality of victim services, offender accountability and system accountability. This research is used to inform future advocacy in support of the Black community.

    Our research teams analyzes trends in violence within the Black community, identifies gaps in services and synthesizes findings to keep the organization abreast of happenings nationwide. Research is critical to reform.

    Researchers also utilize information gathered during listening sessions to develop national reports on the state of violence in the Black Community and how to address it in a culturally relevant and competent way.

    Public Policy



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