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    Where is your stimulus check going?

    For individuals whose stimulus check is being direct deposited into an abuser controlled bank account

    • Individuals can track their payment by accessing this page on the the IRS website, IRS Get My Payment
    • The current challenge is that most direct deposit payments went out this morning, Wednesday April 15, and the site where individuals can provide updated banking and account information is not slated to go live until Friday, April 17
    • It is also not clear what happens if a stimulus check is direct deposited into an account that is still active but a survivor is not longer on that account
      • We will continue to track these issues and update you with more information should remedies come forward

    For individuals whose stimulus check is being directed to a bank account that is no longer active or has closed

    • The payment will be reverted to a paper check
    • The Treasury must send notice of the payment by mail to the individual’s last known address
    • The notice will include how the payment was made and the amount of the payment
    • The notice will include a phone number for the appropriate point of contact at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if the individual didn’t receive the payment
    • Individuals can help make sure that checks go to the correct location by updating the address after a move
    • Most people do that on their tax return, but individuals can also submit a federal form 8822, Change of Address (downloads as a PDF)

    It generally takes four to six weeks to process a change of address.

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